About Baby Poppins

Samantha Barry PCD(DONA), CLE
Birth & postpartum doula, and certified lactation educator

Originating from Manchester, England, Samantha earned the nickname “Mary Poppins” by the multiple families she worked for. With her natural ability to soothe infants, engage older siblings and reassure parents, she is an asset to supporting families when and where they need it most.

Samantha is an instinctive nurturer with a demonstrated lifelong passion to pregnancy, birth, and mother and infant care, as she comes from a large family and was present at the birth of her younger brother. This was a formative experience for Samantha, as she went on to develop her passion for childcare beginning at the age of 12, when she founded a local babysitting group.

She originally intended to combine her love for working with children and sustaining an active lifestyle by earning a degree in Kinesiology, with the plan of being a Phys-Ed Teacher. It wasn’t until Samantha supported a professional family with their newborns that she realized her true calling and passion was with babies and helping families through the various transitions of parenthood.

Four years later, Samantha is a self-described Baby Nerd who strives to help make your birth and postpartum a time to thrive, enjoy and cherish. Samantha has worked extensively supporting families of multiples for the last four years.

When she’s not swaddling babies, Samantha enjoys horse jumping, skiing and snuggling up with a big cup of tea (English Breakfast, of course).