Overnight Support

Babies sleep patterns are nothing like adults, and if your baby is awake then chances are, so are you!

Prioritizing sleep is smart parenting. When you’re tired your judgment is impaired, you are more prone to accidents and you’ll focus on when you can next get some shut eye, instead of being fully present to those first smiles and coo’s.

Sleep is one of the first things you lose when you bring home a new baby. You’re so exhausted, you can’t think of what to make for dinner and the two to three hour gap between feedings has you thinking you’ll never get a good nights sleep again.

Baby Poppins overnight doula support means you’ll finally get the important REM sleep that you’re missing waking up every 2-3 hours. It’s important to start healthy sleep habits—for everyone!

I focus on the needs of both parents, and your newborn. I will nurture and support you as parents by offering practical assistance as well as emotional support, enabling a faster recovering, increased confidence in your parenting decisions and facilitating a smooth and rewarding transition.

What does it look like?

I recognize that every family is unique, and your needs may vary from day-to-day. At each postpartum visit I will check-in how the last 24 hours have gone, answer your questions and asses what, if any, changes we need to make. As your overnight postpartum doula I will support you in manner that reflects and is beneficial to your parenting values, and that will encourage your long term success. 

What if I am breastfeeding?

By preparing feeding equipment and bringing the baby to when it is time to feed, you can spend more time in bed and less time listening for every coo and cry.

Support typically starts at 10pm and finishes at 6am. For the duration of that time I care for your baby, feeding, changing and ensuring positive sleep habits to assist with your recovery and well being. I will start each visit by asking you how the day has gone, how you are feeling and answer to your questions and concerns.

Service can include:

  • Complete night time care for infant(s).
  • Assist you in establishing healthy sleep habits for your infant(s).
  • If breastfeeding, I will bring your infant(s) to you to reduce your awake time.
  • If pumping, I assist you in ensuring the milk is properly stored and washed and ready for its next use.
  • Assist mother with self care and recovery methods.
  • Provide information and resources on parenting and baby care.
  • Log infant(s) feeding, changing and sleeping.
  • Provide emotional support through listening, encourage and giving guidance when desired.
  • Provide the physical and practical support of an extra set of hands.