Pregnancy Support

I’m Pregnant! Now what?

Whether you’re on bed rest, unsure what you need or simply running out of time, I support you antepartum so that you can smoothly transition from pregnancy to birth and beyond.

The baby-care field has grown overwhelmingly in the last few years, bombarding parents with baby “essentials” and “must haves”, but do you really need them?

Drawing from my extensive experience as an infant nanny and following DONA’s doula training guidelines, I provide recommendations that are safe, effective, and catered to your parenting values and lifestyle.

Birth Package Services

Personalized Service:

While friends and store assistance will happily offer advice on what products worked for their baby, I offer guidance and recommendations based on your price point, values and lifestyle.

Product Demonstration:

Some baby products can seem complicated! It can feel like you need an engineering degree to set up a stroller. I will not only demonstrate how to set up a stroller or put on a baby carrier, I will also try out the products with you to ensure you will be comfortable and confident when the time comes for you to use it.

Product Research:

Researching and reviewing every product on the market is not only time consuming, it doesn’t guarantee that the product is right for you. Are you unsure whether you need a travel system, jogging stroller or an umbrella stroller? I highlight the differences and help you decide what product is the best option for your lifestyle.

Savvy Shopping:

Online baby registries and shopping assistance will likely lead you in the direction of a new, flashy and expensive item, but that doesn’t mean it is the best or worth the price. By discussing what to expect postpartum and learning your parenting goals, I create a list of practical products and where they are available. Personalized recommendations mean you save money and do not waste your time and money on products you do not need!

Should I Buy This?:

Baby care can be as unique and unpredictable as birth itself. However, there are particular items that you will need when you bring baby home and some that you can wait a few months before you purchase. Your personalized list includes recommendations on what items are useful and when you should invest.

Services include:

  • Meal and childcare coordination
  • Light household duties
  • Running errands
  • Help you choose baby care items: car seats, cribs, carriers etc.
  • Help you prepare baby’s room
  • Help you to write your birth plan
  • Hospital bag packing
  • Organizing for when you come home with baby
  • Information on local hospitals, birth centers and NICU’s.
  • Breastfeeding education